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Somewhere in Yunnan, China

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Somewhere in Yunnan, China

The Giants Republic 2023


Spring 1
On the first of March the sun was high enough again to use the solar cooker
Spring 2
On the fourth of March we did a big spring cleaning and added some colour

Metal work finished

Metal work 3
The metal work combined with the wood work and some paint
Metal work 4
The final result together with one of the paintings
The back workshop with persimmon fruits on the floor and on the rafter

Metal work resumed

With the concrete workbench finally ready metal work was resumed.

The workbench and the space at the back are an enormous improvement compared to working on flimsy folding tables on a balcony.

However I have to share the back workshop with a couple of squirrels that live on the roof rafters. They make quite a mess by dropping half eaten persimmon fruits on the floor.

Things like painting I cannot do in the back workshop because of all the dust created by cutting and grinding but as well because of all the dust coming of the road above it.

Metal work 1
Metal work on the concrete work bench
Metal work 2
Welding and painting still done in the internal workshop

X'mas puzzles follow up

To continue this year where we left last year with the puzzles.

The toilet reservoir cover has been fixed. Also not perfect it will do the job.

The bed puzzle is still as it was. No time to solve it and to cold. Looks like the bottom bed parts of this bunk bed are missing.

The puzzle solved
The puzzle solved

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